Painting Beynac, France 2018


Last month I had the pleasure of embarking on another plein air (french for painting in the great outdoors) adventure with 8 other amazing artists. Most of us met in person on our last painting trip to England in April 2017 and this time we added two more to the group. All of us are working artists as well as full-time mothers so these trips take a lot of planning and hard work to pull off, but it is certainly worth it!

We traveled south of Paris to the Dordogne region of France where we stayed in a medieval town called Beynac-et-Cazenac, perched atop a cliff over looking the Dordogne river valley. We spent our days exploring our village and others in the region, eating delectable cuisine, canoeing, touring castles, chatting, swimming and painting. Lots and lots of painting. The manor house we stayed in had a great big room and table for us to all set up inside during the night and during the day, we’d set up our easels in the yard and capture the stunning views of the Dordogne river below us. It was heavenly.

Before leaving France, we spent a couple of days in Paris where we visited some museums, took a night boat ride down the Seine, and covered as much ground as possible on foot. It was a delight to just wander and explore and load up on as much crepes and chocolate croissants as possible. See a video of our trip I put together here!

Our group plans to hold a collective sale of our work from France on November 20th. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive more information!

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Here are links to the other fabulous artists who I traveled with: