My name is Laura Miller and I am an illustrator, fine artist and graphic designer as well as a wife and mother of three.

I began taking art classes at a young age and later developed a passion for art history and design, too. It wasn’t until I had children and stopped working full time doing PR/ Marketing that I turned my hobby into a business. I enjoy exploring all artistic mediums but watercolor, oil and calligraphy have been my focus over the last several years. 

I was raised in the foothills of the Utah rocky mountains and my little family has settled in a few different areas including Seattle, Salt Lake City, Sao Paulo, Brazil and we are currently in  the Dallas, TX area. Exploring nature as well as new places and cultures is something I love best and the impressions they leave with me naturally come through in the work I create. I choose subject matter meant to uplift and inspire  and I hope you will find something here to do add a little beauty and love to your own space!

Making connections with other people is one of the best parts of being an artist. Please contact me for any inquires or connections you'd like to make!

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