My name is Laura Miller and I'm a visual and graphic artist as well as mother of three. My shop name is a play off my maiden name, Udall, which is pronounced the same. I specialize with watercolor but I am comfortable with several types of artistic media including pencil, calligraphy pen and ink, acrylics and linocut printmaking.

I started taking art classes at a young age and continued that passion into adulthood. It wasn’t until I stopped working full time in PR/Marketing in 2012 that I took up calligraphy and subsequently decided to make art and hand lettering my business as well as my hobby.

I like to think that my artwork evokes a whimsy that is distinct to my designs while offering an array of styles universal enough to fit well into almost anyone's design aesthetic. I choose subject matter meant to uplift and inspire and hopefully add a little love and beauty to someone's space.